Affiliate Programs

We want more and more people know the sustainable products, know us, and creat much postive impact on the planet, so the affiliate marketing is essencial. And today affiliate programs are common throughout the Internet and offer us additional way to spread the word about sustainable lifestyle and our brand.

Our program is free and easy to to join, no technical knowledge required!

We partner with Share A Sale, one of high paying revenue sharing programs. As our affiliates, you will generate traffic and sales for our website and gain attractive commissions in return.

How It Works

Four Easy Steps to Work with Us



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Each link you put contains a specific affiliate code to track actions made by your audience.

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Customer clicks through your link to visit Cookies will keep for 30 days


Each purchase by customers through your link, You will get 21 % of that order (freight is not included) as commission. affiliate network.

Ecoer partners with the popular affiliate network. If you don't have a Shareasale affiliate account already, then you need to create an affiliate account first. If you are already a Shareasale affiliate, it's very simple to apply to our affiliate program through the Shareasale interface. Please follow the below four-step guide to work with us:

1.Join Us through Applying for SAS 2. Get Your Trackable Links 3. Promote Ecoer 4. Gain Profit
Complete the Ecoer Affiliate Application and apply through Shareasale Sign-up & Get your special affiliate link which can track each conversion made by your aduience. Promote our coupons, deals, links, or banners on your website or your homepage You'll receive 21% commission per sale immediately after driving a sale

Please feel free to get in touch with us at, we are excited for your join and glad to help.